Attraction built on a cursed path from 666 AD

February 8th, 2011

It’s not a welcome sight to see the horror that resides in haunted places. Thorpe Park, from British Surrey, had such an experience when he decided to build an amusement  water  park that features water sleds slashing their way through constructed water passages. He envisioned people paying for the amusement that comes from the thrill of the adrenalin rush: he did not count on a different kind of adrenalin rush-one that accompanies fear.

He called his new park, Storm Surge, but there was something that Mr. Thorpe did not know about the site that he chose for his amusement park. Noone told him about the strange history so he began his construction (his optimistic forecast had the completion date sometime around 2011). Well, he was about to get his first clue that this site was not the typical place for amusement.

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