White Mountain – Eternal Peace and Heartbreaking Loss

If you are coming to Prague for more than two days, one often-neglected place which is well-worth a visit is Břevnov Monastery which stands right next to the pilgrimage route on White Mountain.

The origins of the monastery date back to 993CE. The monastery was founded by St. Adalbert, Bishop of Prague, and Prince Boleslav II. Both were ardent believers, as this was the first monastery to be erected on Czech soil. The Brevnov Monastery is associated with a mystic legend. Within its grounds is a very special well named “Vojtěžka”. It is said that whenever tragedy is soon to strike, the water in the well turns cloudy, to alert those nearby to the impending misfortune. The monastery complex contains a number of beautiful and historic structures, including the baroque Basilica of St. Margaret, a romanesque crypt from the 11th century, and a baroque prelature with a Teresian hall. In addition there is a lovely monastery garden, which has been refined several times over the course of the centuries. The lower section of the actual monastery, is open to the public daily from 6:45 to 8:00 p.m., though pavilion Vojteska which according to a legend was the meeting place of St. Adalbert and Prince Boleslav, is accessible only on the guided tours.

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