Gate to Hell at Houska Castle

Many legends turn upon the story of the walls of this mystical castle. Also, it has always lured lovers of secrets. Why was it built on a place with no strategic importance and without any source of water – away from all trade paths? Supposedly, its purpose was to guard a gateway to hell leading through a bottomless well. Local people wanted to fill it with rocks to get rid of evil spirits. However, they were unsuccessful: So, they covered the place with thick stone plates and built a chapel over it. Its walls were always moist even during the terrible draughts. Since it was chosen as a residence by the Nazis during World War II, the evil spirit of this place is obvious…

Is Houska Castle haunted?

Let’s discover with us history and legends of Czech Houska Castle

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Prague Alchemists and Mad Emperor – Were are alchemists charlatans?

Prague has been a mysterious city since ancient history

Magic Prague, City of a Hundred Spires, City of Fate…these are all names associated with Prague, and rightly so. From her inception, Prague has had a magical, mystical feel and a deep-rooted connection to the spiritual.  From the first named people group to inhabit these parts, the Celtic Boii, came Prague’s mystic druid beginnings. The Slavic tribes who followed brought their own flavor of pagan spirituality that was slowly absorbed and interwoven in the Christianity introduced to the Bohemians of 10th century Prague. Each footprint left by History as she tread through Prague, left a deeper and more distinct path into the next unfurling of the magic in her folds. Alchemy is the most recent, and perhaps the most captivating, of these tracks.

Call it the perfect marriage of a spiritually drenched city and the modern sophistication that comes with being the seat of authority for the Holy Roman Empire. Rudolf II was drawn to the mysticism of Prague’s past, and wanted to further his own occult interests while prompting his Empire into the next realm of enlightenment and modernity through alchemy.

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America’s Most Haunted: The Peyton-Randolph House

As one of the most haunted places in Virginia, the Peyton-Randolph House has become a hotbed for paranormal activity caused by the many souls who died tragically within the walls of this historical home.

Established in 1639, Williamsburg, Virginia continues to welcome locals and tourists alike who enjoy visiting the former English colony to see history come to life. In Williamsburg, people can walk through the restored colonial district of the city to see reenactors dressed in 18th century clothing or take a tour of the original buildings dating back over 200 years. Yet within the walls of these historic locations, visitors claim that the city’s former residents continue to haunt from beyond the grave.

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White Mountain – Eternal Peace and Heartbreaking Loss

If you are coming to Prague for more than two days, one often-neglected place which is well-worth a visit is Břevnov Monastery which stands right next to the pilgrimage route on White Mountain.

The origins of the monastery date back to 993CE. The monastery was founded by St. Adalbert, Bishop of Prague, and Prince Boleslav II. Both were ardent believers, as this was the first monastery to be erected on Czech soil. The Brevnov Monastery is associated with a mystic legend. Within its grounds is a very special well named “Vojtěžka”. It is said that whenever tragedy is soon to strike, the water in the well turns cloudy, to alert those nearby to the impending misfortune. The monastery complex contains a number of beautiful and historic structures, including the baroque Basilica of St. Margaret, a romanesque crypt from the 11th century, and a baroque prelature with a Teresian hall. In addition there is a lovely monastery garden, which has been refined several times over the course of the centuries. The lower section of the actual monastery, is open to the public daily from 6:45 to 8:00 p.m., though pavilion Vojteska which according to a legend was the meeting place of St. Adalbert and Prince Boleslav, is accessible only on the guided tours.

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Location, Location, Location…

If you take our Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague Castle tour, your guide may point out to you a particular location in the castle area that was featured in quite a famous Hollywood blockbuster, and often on our tours we pass areas marked off with no parking signs ‘Mimo Film’, which means only the film crews are allowed to park there, showing that Prague is about to become the backdrop for another production. So although it’s not really a ghostly topic, we thought it might be interesting to see what other movie locations you can look out for as you go on our tours.

Prague has always been a hub for the movie industry, both for foreign productions and for Czech films. The most famous studios are located in Barrandov to the south of the city, and a lot of famous movies were shot there, including Johnny Depp’s From Hell and parts of Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale.  But the city itself, with its wealth of architectural styles and historic streets, has been the backdrop to many famous movies. Particularly on the Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague Castle tour and the new Mystery River Cruise tour, though, you’ll be able to walk in the footsteps of the stars, as having gone through the list of films shot here in the city, it’s amazing how the same places turn up in different guises! Continue reading “Location, Location, Location…”

History Beneath Your Feet…

As the weather starts to turn colder and we head towards another snowy Czech winter, the underground tours are a good way to stay warm but still get a taste of Prague’s varied history. At McGee’s Ghost Tours, we offer a regular walk into the basements of the Old Town Hall, as well as historical tours in the daytime through our sister company, Prague Trips and Tickets. As you explore Prague, however, you might find even more underground chambers. Many restaurants and bars boast ‘historic cellars’, or perhaps you’ll find a jazz club tucked away into the basement of one of the beautiful buildings in the Old Town or Malá Strana.

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One of Prague’s Most Unique Shopping Centres…

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Watch Out This Weekend…

As we mentioned in our earlier post on Czech Easter traditions, the end of this month in the old Celtic calendar was a time of spirits, magic and occult forces, the end of the old year and the beginning of the new. On April 30th, many Czechs will celebrate the pálení čarodějnic, or burning of the witches, an old tradition meant to drive away evil spirits at the time when the veil between the worlds was at its weakest, similar to many customs surrounding Halloween in the UK and US. Continue reading “Watch Out This Weekend…”