The Old Town Square attracts thousands of visitors each day with its beautiful architecture, stunning churches and of course, the famous Astronomical Clock but beneath this UNESCO heritage site there lurks another world, a darker world, alive with energies still residing there. This tour is a mixture of historical facts and an introduction to the paranormal.

We offer the opportunity to visit the underworld of Prague and to learn some of the gruesome history that took place there. We will take you beneath the Old Town Hall to explore this unique part of the city, to the former dungeons and torture chambers. You will hear about Prague’s most famous executioner and his tragic story, and learn about some of the famous prisoners who were tortured in this dark, lonely place.

The secrets of Prague Underground

Tour highlights:

  • Gruesome historical facts
  • Underground rooms where condemned prisoners were held 
  • Medieval passages once used as dungeons
  • Introduction to the paranormal and recent paranormal occurences

This ghost tour is also taken by lamplight, and offers a good chance for visitors interested in the paranormal to try and capture some evidence of the spirit world, as these chambers are reportedly very active.

This tour takes place in the underground chambers of the Old Town Hall and gives you an introduction to the history and ghost stories associated with those rooms.


  • Days: daily
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Duration: 75 min.
  • Price: 21 € for adults, 19 € for students and seniors (incl. entry fee to the underground premises)

We do not run tours on December 24, 25 and 31
Prices include 15% VAT

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