Polish plumber dug out strange stone from the ground. It’s said it healed hundreds of people.

March 8th 2010


Jacek Slominski, a Polish plumber, underwent a life-changing moment when he discovered an unusual stone while he was working on a canalization system under his house. The stone itself has a strange marking: It has a big letter Z carved on one side. Jacek touched the letter, and he felt immediately the rush of a huge amount of energy that dwelled inside the stone for centuries. He also claims that the energy from the stone healed his aching back which troubled him for many years. The news spread and people came to the Pole. He offered them to touch the stone for a fee.  Once they touched the stone, they claimed healing powers. Overnight, he became a healer. Now people travel hundreds of kilometres so they can visit the Pole. All  agree that the stone is full of an unidentified energy with curative powers.

People are praising the man who now is a full-time healer.

“I don’t understand it, but it works and for me it‘s surely better then fixing toilets,” said Jacek Slominski.