Mysterious house: Sockets and lightbulbs burn without switching connection

November 2009


The citizens of Strašice wonder if a UFO has visited a family in their town. The Mrackova family resides in a house that once was considered a typical house until light sockets caught fire and glass thermometers and light bulbs exploded. The family sought answers from scientific researchers but they cannot explain this case.

The truth is that the interior of the house is like a microwave. There is radiation thoughout the house and this does not make for a comfortable atmosphere. The owner, Jiří Mraček, claims that the radiation and electrical discharges happen even when he switched off the electricity: his own son was injured by one such electrical discharge.

The discharges destroy bulbs, glass,  and  CDs. Jiri has witnessed with his own eyes these extraordinary occurrences. The family is so disturbed by the events that

the wife and son are staying at their relatives, while the owner himself is guarding the house in the hope that it will not burn down . He  states, “I  have a headache and a whistle in my ear.”  According to the expert from ČEZ (electricity concern), this phenomenon isn‘t described in any scientific book. The other houses in the neighbourhood are not affected by similar phenomenon.

Altough a couple of months have passed, mysterious events in the house in Strašice (near Rokycany) are still unexplained. Local people connect these events with the name of their village itself (Strašice is derived from Czech word which means to haunt). Someone even said some dead people want to escape from the house.

Whatever the cause, the family of Mr. Mraček have the hope that everything will be explained as soon as possible so they can soon return to their house.