People have long traveled from all over the world to see the beauty of Prague, a city known for its fairytale houses and magical atmosphere. However, its dimly lit streets have also been for centuries filled with mystery and controversy. All of this has been reflected in its history and folklore, leaving behind many urban legends and tales of the supernatural. It is McGee's Ghost Tours that strive to convey these unique pieces of Prague's past in an informative, entertaining, and enjoyable way. Join us on our adventure and discover this stunning city as you've never seen it before.

Our Tours

Alchemy & Mysteries of Prague Castle

Avoid the crowds at Prague Castle with a mystery tour of alchemy and astrology, taking you to magical locations like New World, Strahov Monastery or Prague Loreto.

3 hour tour | from 24 €


Ghosts & Legends of Old Town

Explore hidden places in Old Town and fill your evening with ghost stories and legends full of death, poverty, misery, or murder.

1,5 hour tour | from 16 €


Psychiatric Hospital & Abandoned Cemetery

Discover the history of psychiatry and learn about the development of Prague's famous psychiatric hospital on its vast grounds.

3 hour tour | from 24 €


Passionate Guides

We are a group of expert guides who share a love for the city and an in-depth knowledge of its history and beyond. Through engaging storytelling, we do our best to give you an unforgettable experience.

Years of Experience

We are constantly developing and keeping up with the latest trends, benefiting from more than 15 years of experience in Prague city tourism.

Private Groups Favorite

Alongside public tours, we welcome thousands of visitors annually as part of private groups, mainly from USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and more.

High Quality

We are in the TOP 3 of 900+ Prague tourism providers on Tripadvisor. Customer satisfaction is our absolute #1 priority.

McGee's Ghost Tours: Hosting Paranormal Investigations across the Czech Republic

Over the years we have co-operated with several paranormal investigating TV shows.

Team of successful US series ”Ghost Hunters International” visited the Czech Republic back in 2009. They investigated two sites – Houska Castle and the historic Český Krumlov Castle. McGee’s Ghost Tours was asked to assist them in both locations. 

In 2010, the crew of the TV series ”Most Haunted Live” visited Prague for a four-night paranormal investigation of the Old Town Hall and its underground premises. McGee’s Ghost Tours was on hand to talk about the history and legends associated with the site. 

In 2018, we returned back to Houska Castle with ”The World’s Scariest Hauntings” as they decided to investigate this site in one of their episodes.



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