On this tour, you will be taken to the Bohnice Psychiatric Clinic on the outskirts of the centre of Prague. We will provide you with a unique and detailed insight into the establishment’s history and of the methods used on patients suffering from mental disorders which may be seen today as both shocking and incomprehensible. From mystic rituals in Medieval times to more recent treatments such as lobotomies, we will take you on a historical ride into the field of psychiatry.

Tour Tickets

  • Days: Wed, Sun
  • Time: 2:00 pm
  • Duration: 3 hours

We do not run tours on December 24, 25 and 31.

This tour covers

  • The vast grounds of the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital
  • Various buildings part of the complex which include among others newly reconstructed Pavillion 26, Pavillions for patients with protective treatment, the Church of St. Venceslas, the Sanatorium, the Central Crisis Centre and the Central Patient Admission Office
  • The surroundings of the abandonned Hospital Graveyard

Tour highlights

  • Introduction to the history of Psychiatry in Europe from Medieval times to modern days
  • Learn about various methods used to cure mental illnesses and of the famous Rosenham experiment
  • Learn of past burial rituals in the Bohemian Lands
  • Discover more about life in the Bohnice Psychiatric Clinic and hear of stories of some past and current infamous patients occupying these wards
  • An eerie promenade around the abandoned cemetery which has attracted many lovers of mystics

Tour Details

Take a walk through the famous Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital and towards its historic abandoned graveyard, where you will be introduced to the intense and at times dark history of the field of psychiatry. Your guide will lead you through a maze of buildings rich in both history and controversy from an antient times to present day.

Be prepared to enter a whole new different world stained with torturous and deadly treatments inflicted on the most unfortunate patients who occupied these wards for centuries. Learn of the torments of 19th and 20th century psychiatric treatments and the agonizing lives of the hospital’s inmates. And at last we will lead you on a path to the cemetery where in seemingly calm fellowship many souls lay at rest; history tells of a different story.

This will also include a reflexion on treatments influenced by the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry which at times only further enhanced the harm done to patients and their loved ones. This breathtaking walk through the institution’s grounds will allow every enthusiast to be closer to the tragic past of many of Bohemia’s stigmatised patients.

This promenade will also lead you to the Asylum’s famous abandonned graveyard where patients, criminals and many other lost souls were once laid to rest. As we walk along its wall, various burial rites will be explored as well as stories of criminals and patients buried next to the Asylum, a rewarding end to our emotionally packed historical tour.

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24 € for students and seniors

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