In 2018, Hana McGee, the founder of McGee’s Ghost Tours and Victoria Burton, the experienced tour guide and paranormal investigator, appeared in one of the episodes of the documentary series called World’s Scariest Hauntings!

The World’s Scariest Hauntings delves into the paranormal universe to reveal ghosts and horror stories from 10 terrifying locations around the globe, and the Czech Republic is one of them. During this episode, they visited Houska Castle, one of the most mysterious fortresses in the world.

"World’s Scariest Hauntings" - the episode at the Castle Houska in Bohemia


The team of US series “Ghost Hunters International” visited the Czech Republic in 2009 when they investigated the historic Český Krumlov castle which is a UNESCO heritage site. At the castle complex, which covers over 15 acres, the team inspected, among many others, the baroque theatre, one of the oldest in Europe and rumored to be haunted by the ghost of an actress. McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague gave them a complete tour of the castle complex.

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"Skeleton in The Closet" at the Castle Český Krumlov

This is the abreviated version of the investigation.

Gate to Hell at Castle Houska

This is the abreviated version of the investigation.

In the same year (2009) US Series of GHI decided to investigate the second location in Bohemia “Castle Houska” which attracts not only tourists but also paranormal investigators fot its enigmatic and mysterious atmosphere. McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague presented the history and legends of the castle.

Many legends turn upon the story of the the walls of this mystical castle. Also, it has always lured lovers of secrets. Why was it built on a place with no strategic importance and without any source of water – away from all trade paths? Supposedly, its purpose was to guard a gateway to hell leading through a bottomless well. Local people wanted to fill it with rocks to get rid of evil spirits. However, they were unsuccessful, so they covered the place with thick stone plates and built a chapel over it. Its walls were always moist even during the terrible draughts. Since it was chosen as a residence by the Nazis during World War II, the evil spirit of this place is obvious…

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In 2010, Living TV’s “Most Haunted Live” visited Prague for four nights of paranormal investigation. McGee’s Ghost Tours of Prague was on hand to talk about the history and legends of the Old Town Hall. On night one, the crew visited the underground chambers of the Old Town Hall beneath the Astronomical Clock. Throughout the broadcast, viewers could monitor webcams in the chambers and look out for anything paranormal.

British TV show Most Haunted Live investigated the Prague‘s Old Town Hall and the Underground premises, and Hana McGee with Jeff Fritz participated in the show!!

"Most Haunted Live" - Gothic Prague

This is the abreviated version of the investigation.