There is a mysterious warm circle in the snow at the castle Rudoltice

February 16th 2010

A circle in the snow recently appeared in the garden of New Castle in Rudoltice (near Ústí nad Orlicí). The snow inside the circle melts because the temperature in this spot is much higher than outside the circle. On Tuesday, the temperature reached a balmy 17 degrees while Prague was frozen in bitter cold. There is no rational explanation for this hot spot: there is nothing under the spot that could cause the higher temperature.

Grass is beginning to grow within the circular enclosure, a space with a diameter of only 2 meters. As of yet, noone has explained this phenomenon.

On Wednesday, Chatelaine, Krasava Šerkopová, put the thermometer into the dirt at the center of the circle. That morning, the temperature was 17,5 degrees. On the previous day,  it was only a few degrees less. Meanwhile, the outside temperature was well below zero.

I’ve seen and experienced many strange things in New Castle, but I have never seen anything like this here or elsewhere, said the chatelaine.


There are no underground spaces nor engineer systems under the circle. Kokes considers as unlikely  the possibility of an old well that suddenly found itself full of warm water. He also  thought it improbable that someone scattered huge amounts of salt in this area where farmer’s  buildings once stood.

There is another possibilty. Acccording to recent information, this penomenon occured once some year ago when scouts were camping there. In order to reveal the mystery, Kotes wants to dig a hole in this spot so he can further investigate this bizarre turn of event.