Dear travellers, my name is Ana and I have moved to Prague from a small town in Slovenia a few years ago. You may ask why? After I visited once I couldn’t stop coming back. I fell in love with Prague’s small and cozy streets, brick bridges, parks, galleries, theatres, legends and stories connected to all of it’s many secret places. And those I love to visit over and over again. So come and join me on this legendary and mysterious walk around old Prague.


Hi there. I’m Alex. Originally, I hail from New Zealand, where my fascination with the paranormal began. Migrating to England in 2009 I quickly became well known for my public speaking and extrovert personality, where I could draw a large crowd in. Speaking in front of people really gets my blood pumping and when I was able to connect one passion with another, it was a match made in heaven. I had fallen in love with the history and architecture of Prague and so, in 2020 (yes during the pandemic), a window of opportunity opened for me to move permanently here, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.


David is from New Jersey USA. He has had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal since childhood. He later developed a love for history and culture. He has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia and here in Prague for a total of almost ten years. He is an English teacher by trade..a ghost tour guide by night.


Hi, my name is Martin. I originally came to Prague for my high school studies, when those were over I stayed not only because of all my new friend and for further education, but also because I fell in love with the city itself. I’ve grown very fond of losing my way in one of its many hidden alleys and corners, climbing steep hills for beautiful and majestic views, and walking around after dark and soaking in its rich and mystical atmosphere. I love when people are so taken aback by seeing one of its marvels for the first time, that the only thing they manage to say is “wow”.


Hello! I’m Anna. Born and raised in the Czech Republic, specifically in the Central Bohemia region, it has always been a goal of mine to eventually move to Prague and pursue my studies – so here I am! I fell in love with Prague as a little kid, and my feelings never waned, even after visiting many other local and foreign cities. I still cherish this one the most. I strongly believe it’s one of those places you just never get tired of, mainly because of the beautiful old-timey and mystical aura that surrounds it. The legends and Prague’s rich history truly keep this atmosphere alive, and I’m always excited to learn more and talk about both. As a future teacher, one of my greatest passions is relaying information in the most interesting and entertaining way possible, and I really hope to accomplish that during the tours as well!



Beloved brothers and sisters, my name is Luka, and I don’t live on the second floor. With Balkan roots, I was born in Prague of all places. While I plan to travel extensively in my life, the magic of my home city is so captivating that I find myself still unable to leave, and it continues to blow me away to this day – other places simply don’t measure up. Besides being a mystic, I am also an audio engineer and a freelance pastor. My passion for the hidden world, my own “paranormal” experiences, and my love for your soul have led me to share this uncommon information with others, with the ambition of meeting more like-minded individuals. I’m adventurous, loving, and also very strange. Looking forward to seeing you on my tour!



Howdy, my name is Neli, and I come from the fabled city itself – Prague. I have a great interest in history and storytelling, and these two areas are something I am always trying to blend together as best I can. Amidst that, I have found that when in search of true, authentic history, it is best to follow the word of mouth. Be it legends, folk tales, inscriptions on walls, or old letters, asking the souls who lived in the past what their lives and worlds were like is not at all a bad idea. If I could, I’d of course have a go at time travel, but until I figure that one out, wandering the mystical streets of Prague is a very dignified alternative. If you take your time, you just might find that the walls and cobbled streets really speak to you, and tell you all sorts of stories. That is, if you’re willing to listen.



My name is Pavel and I come from a small town in northern Bohemia. I’m a teenager in his thirties and one of the explanations to the way I look may be that I spent some time in Romania (living with vampires). I moved to Prague after my university studies and started to work as an English teacher. I live in the Old Town, so I’m a true local and I know every street, alley and secret passage like the back of my hand. However, there is always something that surprises me about Prague and I love to explore this magical, unique city. I was looking for a new sparkle in my life and I found it in Prague with its amazing history, architecture and also nature. I’m a truly romantic soul and I can give you a few tips for some really lovely spots and viewpoints around Prague, from where you can watch the sunset. As I guide, I like to share this enthusiasm with my group. I’m looking forward to meeting you on my tour.


Oh, good, you have stumbled upon the mystical experience you have been looking for. My
name is Sara, and I would love for you to experience Prague’s history through a lens unlike any
before. These tales, never taught in conventional history classes, breathe life into the city’s
cobblestone streets – a life as full of raw truths and unpredictable turns as the stories themselves. I myself was entranced by them upon my first visit to Prague a few years ago. They
drew me in, and thus, I decided to linger here for a while. Are you brave enough to wander
these intricate streets with me as your guide?


Greetings! I’m Martin, a Prague native born and bred. History has been my passion since childhood, and I’m currently pursuing a degree in history at the university. My journey took me to Japan, where I spent three enriching years immersed in a small international community. During this time, I developed a fondness for spending time with foreigners, honing my English skills, and now, I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share the history of my country from a native’s perspective with you. Join me on a journey through Prague’s past, as I weave tales that provide a unique insight into the rich tapestry of our cultural heritage.



Hey there, I’m Pablo – a walking enigma at first glance, thanks to my unique blend of Czech and Peruvian roots. While my birthplace is the Czech Republic, my upbringing has been a global adventure. I’m a history enthusiast, a self-proclaimed nerd, and talking about it is my forte – I mean, who doesn’t love a good chat, right? Amidst all the places I’ve called home, Prague holds a special sway over me. This enchanting city, steeped in history, brims with legends and untold stories. Join me on my tours, and let me unveil a few of these captivating tales for you.