I am originally from the UK and came to McGees with a secret agenda- to find out about Prague’s dark history close up, check out the best-haunted places in Prague, and lurk in the dark telling stories. As a paranormal investigator, I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to take people around the Old Town Hall Underground and Bohnice Mental Asylum Cemetery, sharing the history and my paranormal knowledge and experience. I also love to hear about great paranormal experiences from around the world. As much as I love hearing stories I love to tell them on the Ghosts and Legends tour. If I’m not hiding in the shadows you can find me here and there in the city hiding behind fans and sequins as a Burlesque performer.



Hi there. I’m Alex. Originally, I hail from New Zealand, where my fascination with the paranormal began. Migrating to England in 2009 I quickly became well known for my public speaking and extrovert personality, where I could draw a large crowd in. Speaking in front of people really gets my blood pumping and when I was able to connect one passion with another, it was a match made in heaven. I had fallen in love with the history and architecture of Prague and so, in 2020 (yes during the pandemic), a window of opportunity opened for me to move permanently here, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.



David is from New Jersey USA. He has had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal since childhood. He later developed a love for history and culture. He has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia and here in Prague for a total of almost ten years. He is an English teacher by trade..a ghost tour guide by night.



One of my passions is hiking and traveling to less-visited countries and exploring different cultures. But as a Prague’s native from the infamous neighborhood called Žižkov, I know, that nothing, even the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains or colorful towns of the Balkans, can compare to the beauty of my city, Prague. I like to meet tourists through traveling organizations Servas and Couchsurfing because foreigners often allow me to see the city from a different perspective.
I love to explore Prague with them, or even alone. Every day, I find something new and surprising about this ancient city. Working for McGee’s is a great opportunity to widen these experiences.




Hello, my name is Sofia. I’m originally from Canada but I’ve lived in Prague for four years now, and am currently studying biology and chemistry in high school here. I also have Ukrainian roots – which is why I feel personally connected to Europe and European culture. I love meeting new people, and one of the main reasons I decided to be a guide was because of the incredible social interactions. I also am very in love with Prague, and so I want to pass on my enthusiasm to others. I can’t think of a more magical city and love walking through it’s mystical streets. You can truly feel that the past is still alive here.



Hello-hello! I’m Evženie, Eugenia, Evgenia – feel free to choose according to your preferred language. I am a curious environmental engineer who always craves scientific discoveries during the day but after sunset, my curiosity takes me further around. That’s the reason why I joined McGee’s Ghost Tours – to meet more curious people like me and take them to Prague’s streets to explore, to get to know more of Prague’s authentic stories and legends together. The beauty of Prague has stolen my heart a few years ago, and I already feel like home here. So I will be happy to show you around here and to share some truly fascinating stories I’ve learned myself, so you also fall in love with this gorgeous city.



I’m a seasoned low budget traveller, appreciating differences in cultures. I lived over a year in Moscow – Russia and 3 months in Kiev – Ukraine. Having hitchhiked most of Europe and beyond, I’ve learned a lot about what connects us all – being human, so I strive to consolidate what I’ve experienced to reflect it on tours.

Apart from that, I’m a local that just loves to explore every single bit of this magical city filled with secret spots and mysteries. It all started at high school where I became a mentor for Erasmus students, since that time I’ve made a lot of friends from around the world who desire to witness Prague through the native eyes so being a tourist guide comes to me naturally.




Kathryn’s grandfather emigrated to Australia in 1948, which is actually the reason she exists. Born and raised in Australia, Kathryn could proudly spell Czechoslovakia as a toddler. She first came to Prague in 1998 to meet her long, lost family and explore her roots… and fell in love with the place. She returned to Australia to complete her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Film Studies. She headed back over in 2005 and, after stints in Dublin and London, she fell in love all over again… this time with a Czech boy, who she swiftly married. Kathryn has been told by her husband and Czech family that she, along with Jaromir Jagr, is the most patriotic Czech alive today. Kathryn’s passion for all things Czech, especially the history and language, will make your tour of Prague pretty damn memorable.



Hi, my name is Martin. I originally came to Prague for my high school studies, when those were over I stayed not only because of all my new friend and for further education, but also because I fell in love with the city itself. I’ve grown very fond of losing my way in one of its many hidden alleys and corners, climbing steep hills for beautiful and majestic views, and walking around after dark and soaking in its rich and mystical atmosphere. I love when people are so taken aback by seeing one of its marvels for the first time, that the only thing they manage to say is “wow”.