I am originally from the UK and came to McGees with a secret agenda- to find out about Prague’s dark history close up, check out the best-haunted places in Prague, and lurk in the dark telling stories. As a paranormal investigator, I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to take people around the Old Town Hall Underground and Bohnice Mental Asylum Cemetery, sharing the history and my paranormal knowledge and experience. I also love to hear about great paranormal experiences from around the world. As much as I love hearing stories I love to tell them on the Ghosts and Legends tour. If I’m not hiding in the shadows you can find me here and there in the city hiding behind fans and sequins as a Burlesque performer.



His hobby is beekeeping and Tomas is inspired by his little friends. During his childhood in Prague, he was putting together patiently small pieces of the stories and the historical background of each Prague time-honored quarter. Now, the huge puzzle is completed and Tomas is prepared to tell you about any part of it. It can be about the luxurious palaces or about the churches, which are trying to reach the sky by their hundreds of steeples.



I am a graduate in international relations, and having lived and worked in Africa, Asia, and Europe, I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. As a guide here in beautiful Prague I am able to appreciate the history and mystery of the Czech capital. I like to imagine the statesmen, soldiers, writers, musicians and ordinary people who have added to the richness and legends which abound in this great European city.



One of my passions is hiking and traveling to less-visited countries and exploring different cultures. But as a Prague’s native from the infamous neighborhood called Žižkov, I know, that nothing, even the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains or colorful towns of the Balkans, can compare to the beauty of my city, Prague. I like to meet tourists through traveling organizations Servas and Couchsurfing because foreigners often allow me to see the city from a different perspective.
I love to explore Prague with them, or even alone. Every day, I find something new and surprising about this ancient city. Working for McGee’s is a great opportunity to widen these experiences.




Valentyno is from Prague and Rome, half Czech and half Italian. A passionate painter from the famous Italian family of Mastroianni (Marcello Mastroianni, Umberto Mastroianni). He studied at the Prague British School where he passed his IGCSE exams. He has done his bachelor’s degree at Charles University, where he studied pedagogy and art education. He has been currently finishing his master’s degree in the same two fields. In his free time, he teaches English and Italian in pre-school as well as subjects such as art and history and works as a guide. Arts, culture, and traveling have been his biggest passion. As a painter, he has developed a unique style focusing mainly on the Mediterranean antiquity, ancient Rome and Greece.



David is from New Jersey USA. He has had an interest in the supernatural and paranormal since childhood. He later developed a love for history and culture. He has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia and here in Prague for a total of almost ten years. He is an English teacher by trade..a ghost tour guide by night.

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Hello, I’m Freddy😊 I was born in Germany and lived in Stuttgart, Germany, till I moved to Prague in autumn of 2019. I spend lots of my time discovering the endless secret spots of Prague. The beautiful architecture of Prague forces me to be amazed every time I enter the center of town. Being a tour guide gave me a good level of knowledge about Prague’s interesting history. My interests include music and film and my hobbies are playing basketball and the guitar and reading fantasy and fiction.